Novocare was founded in 2006 thanks to the strong social commitment of both the Andalusian public organisms and private companies dedicated to caring for the elderly.

Three years later, in 2009, the Puebla de Cazalla residence opened its doors. Two years later, this was followed by the opening of a centre in Coín, Malaga.

Both residences, managed entirely by the El Yate Group, have 180 private and subsidised places between them with day care and a team of over 40 people who spend every day caring for and supporting our residents, enabling them to maintain their dignity.



Care and affection without patronising

Respect for our elders’ dignity

Care: how, when and where you need it

No restrictions on visiting your loved ones

Our commitment to people. Our professionalism and experience, along with respect for our elders, their care and their dignity, combined with our team’s commitment are the pillars that sustain Novocare from day to day.

We offer individualised multidisciplinary attention, customised to suit each patient. We provide both private and subsidised places at our centres and we strive to make life easier for people who have joined us, our focus is on them. In addition, we believe that more organic foods, innovative and welcoming facilities and integration with the environment are fundamental for our residents.

At Novocare we know that together we can do great things so we work together with our clients and their families, with neighbours and our team and with the El Yate Group to create Andalusia’s largest network of residences.



Our team is made of professionals with one thing in common: a great vocation of effort and support, warmth and humanity and, above all, commitment to provide the best service.


We stand for people, for our residents and our employees. We believe the only way to create a welcoming space for our elders, the only path to create a good atmosphere to develop our treatments is through trust. For that reason our team us composed of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, chauffeurs, cooks… who are with us for decades.


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